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This site is operated by Novacom International Limited in Edmonton, Canada and can be reached at the Contact us page. Mike Garska is our president and founder.  

Click right here to watch a six-minute video on the introduction to our training for the managers in your business. 

We help businesses with their communication strategy and systems. Mike has specialized in coaching family business owners, managers and employees in best practice communications strategy for almost 20 years. From how to systemize the communications in your business to how to navigate a difficult conversation to win-win outcomes. 

Mike started his career working a decade in industrial sales and sales management.

The next decade he started a cell phone business from the trunk of his car and built it to three stores and 3,000,000 in annual sales, training and coaching 30 sales people.

He sold the stores, took the kids out of traditional school for a time and traveled for a almost a year.

Then he began his consulting and coaching career working with commercial/industrial and retail businesses to help them grow profits and peace of mind at the same time.

He knows what's it's like to run a business, to be bombarded by people all day long. He knows the challenges of tight cashflow, negotiations, working with sub-contractors and hardest of all, working with a diverse group of employees, getting them to operate his business like a well oiled machine, even when he wasn't there, and doing it all working just 40 hours a week or less himself.   

We help make sure your communication and information flow is working for your team, so each member achieves their personal goals and does their part in achieving the company goals. 

Business is about people and numbers. Its the people that get us the numbers we want or don't want. Mike is a Professional Facilitator and Communication Specialist. He knows how to inspire and guide teams to achieve their goals by tapping into the power of common intentions.

Coaches and consultants help us get better and keep us accountable. They're as important to your business as having good lawyers and accountants. 

Mike has 40 years experience working in Alberta and Canadian business communities.

He's worked with construction companies, industrial sales companies and retail companies. He's worked in them and he's owned one. He made over 30,000 B2B face-to-face sales calls himself before he was 35. He's managed construction projects. He's managed relationships with sub contractors, suppliers, landlords, bankers and he's managed and trained many employees. He's bought and sold brick and mortar businesses and consulted on the process to help others sell their business. He understands small and medium size business challenges and knows how to solve them.  

We specialize in working with companies that have 25+ employees and a minimum of 3 million in annual sales. 

We can help you grow your profits and increase peace of mind at the same time.  We can help you grow the value of your business and make it easy and fast to sell it, if that's your future vision. If not, we can help you transfer it to the next generation by making sure the communication and information flow is healthy, accurate and timely at every level of the company.


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