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Communicate to Transform your Business

& CONTACT 20-20

Communicate to Transform your Business Formula

Transform yiour business into a well oiled machine that grows profits 30% year over year, without working 60-80 hours a week. 

Build a workplace where people feel accountable, work with a sense of urgency, get along, and achieve their goals collectively with a strong sense of support. 


Paradigm Shifts

People learn 2 new dynamic paradigm shifts that make navigating crucial conversations easier. They get a tool they can use to navigate those tough talks



Practical & Thorough 

Learn over 100 cutting edge communications tips, tools and techniques. 

No big words. Practical advise. 



Great System for Teams

 Imagine if the whole work group had a simple practical system & procedure to follow  for navigating tough talks.


Simple 7 step easy to remember framework 

When both people in an interaction follow this 7 step framework, it eases the stress of the tough talk. 


Would you like to train people how to communicate better? 



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