He or she is not a good listener. How to talk to them about improving listening skills.

Nov 27, 2020

Download the 'Guide to Plan and Design your Crucial Conversations. https://www.successtoolchest.com/HIP%20Effective%20Communication%20Skills Learn how to appraoch the person who is not a good listener. Learn the CONTACT 20-20 method to help someone improve their active listening skills.

Plan your conversation, get an opinion from a mentor, adjust your plan, do the talk, and then debrief what happened in the tough talk with your mentor. As we practice effective communication skills we get better. 

Remember to humanize the other person before starting the conversation. Your objective is to share your authentic Human Interaction Process with them and find about about their's in relationship to this particular situation or circumstance. 

You want to get them to admit they could be better at listening and to give you perission to correct them when it happens in the future. 


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