The HIP Human Interaction Process from CONTACT 20-20

May 05, 2020

What is not an accurate feeling statement? - today's 'Best Practice Communication Skills' HIP Tip.


A HIP Tip is a Snippet from the CONTACT 20-20 communication course to help you improve your skills for crucial conversations, conflict management/resolution or corrective conversations.

Today’s Tip is about the Human Interaction Process’.  You know, this is something I think should be taught to all of us in High School. It's how people communicate.

CONTACT 20-20 is the interpersonal communication system & procedure that can help your teams get through those tough talks quicker & easier so they can get on with what matters. Serving effectively, whether its an internal or external customer.  

SuccessToolChest offers Effective Communications Solutions training for your business and your team.  Elevate your team’s communications skills for crucial conversations and tough talks so your team is synchronized and serving to the best of their ability.

Learn about active listening skills, reflective listening and how to choose words for important conversations. CONTACT 2020 can help you with conflict management and conflict resolution and give you great tips for clarifying and finding common ground.  

Check out the course here. 

Or get your free Guide to Plan & Design your next tough talk here: 


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