Help Me Communicate: Intro to Out Yourself Wisely - You And I Statements. Sept 26, 2018

Sep 26, 2018

Introducing the Mod 2 Part 2 in the new Animated  CONTACT  Communications Program for Becoming a Great Communicator and Leader.   

If you want to be a great leader you will have to get good at expressing yourself effectively to engage others.  This week’s animated video I share the 3 basic ‘I’ and ‘You’ statement rules for effective CONTACT communicating.

O IN Contact Stands for Out Yourself Wisely. How to share and express effectively. 

There’ s lots to consider when expressing yourself. Throughout the CONTACT video series I refer to the HIP. The Human Interaction Process.

If you want a refresher, or you haven’t watched the first video in the program explaining the HIP, go to the Vlog/Blog at STC and watch the video CONTACT using the HIP posted on Aug 29, 2018. Look for the video with the thumbnail, I talk about our greatest gift.

When is best to use ‘I’?

When is best to use ‘You’?

What is meaningful questioning and when do we use it?

Do you want to be accurate and effective expressing yourself?

Do you want to be honest, authentic and real?

If you want to be perceived as honest, real and authentic, your accurate word choice is key, especially in avoiding or resolving conflict or difficult interactions.

You know, it really doesn’t affect things negatively when we use the words ‘You’ and ‘I’ incorrectly or inaccurately in daily life. I most often use them accurately and nobody notices in daily life. I notice that most often it doesn’t matter if anyone uses them inaccurately. Nobody notices or cares in un-charged daily routine.

When things get charged, inaccurate use of ‘You’ and ‘I’ can escalate things and make them worse.

In escalating, conflict or difficult conversations using words effectively and accurately matters.

The problem is that we are creatures of habit. So w when our habit is inaccurate use of ‘You’ and ‘I’ when we’re in conflict it’s a struggle to choose words correctly. When our habit is accurate use, the conflict resolves much quicker or doesn’t happen.

So if you want to be a great communicator or a better one, I encourage you to learn how choose your words effectively and accurately and then practice making effective and accurate word choice a habit. Start with ‘You’ and ‘I’.

Docs practice.  They call it practicing medicine or health practicing.  Practice is like work. I live with a Doc. She practices her own health. It’s up to each person to practice their own health. The more we practice healthy ways, the healthier we are.

The more we practice healthier communications, the better we are at communicating.  Life is a process of practice. You’re practicing living and communicating right now. A little adjustment in healthy communications practice and you’re on your way to more successes in every area of life.


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