7 Step CONTACT Communications system for conflict resolution in short format.

Jan 18, 2018

This week in ‘Help Me Communicate’, I’m going to share the quick format of the 7 Step CONTACT Communications system for conflict resolution.

What’s the first step?

1. Consciousness now

2. Out yourself   

How do I share effectively? What words do I use?  

·         You and I

·         How to share feelings accurately. Feeling list.

·         Eight Words/Phrases and three habits to avoid

·         We and Our

·         Part five-Body Language, facial expression and tone

What if it goes off track?

3. Notice the other person — ask

What’s the biggest mistake people make when communicating? Not listening.

4. Tune in. Active listening.

Misinterpretation is huge? How do I make sure I’m right?

5. Amplify and clarify what you heard. Reflective listening.

6. Common ground.

·         Find it — Get three yes’ How do I do it?

·         Basic human needs and intention list

How do I make sure we follow through?

7. Take it to the next level         

·         Write the agreed solution, or go forward process, down in a text or email and send it to all parties. 


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