The simple science of feelings and emotion. June 13, 2018

Jun 29, 2018

The simple science of feelings and emotion. Using the Magnetic Power of Feelings to Communicate. 

First I'm going to explain the Simple Science of Feelings and Emotions. Then I'll explain how you can learn to use your magnetic force of feeling in a communication process to increase your success in every aspect of life.

Feelings affect, probably more than anything else except for thought, how we communicate and the level of success we achieve in our lives.

The simple science of feelings/emotions. 4 Facts:

  1. Feelings and emotions are part of an electromagnetic energy inside all of us.
  2. Feelings or emotions are part of every communication interaction in our lives.
  3. The reward of a feeling or emotion is the same feeling or emotion. They grow.They're contagious and spread. 
  4. Feelings and emotions have different qualities.

Let me explain.

  1. Humans have an electromagnetic energy force inside them. We are slowly learning to understand and measure it.

The electromagnetic energy fluctuates and changes with different thoughts and feelings which means thoughts and feelings are an electromagnetic force inside all of us.

Thoughts are the electric part of our internal electromagnetic force. Feelings and emotions are the magnetic part. Think about it. When you are triggered with a strong feeling or emotion, you feel it in your body. It can be energizing or debilitating.  It can be very strong. It’s like a magnetic pull inside us. We’ve all felt the magnetic pull of emotion and feelings, both positive and negative.  

  1. Feelings and emotions are part of every communication interaction in our lives.

As humans we communication in a 5 step Human Interaction Process. We all use a HIP. 1, We sense, then 2, we think and perceive after we sense. That’s followed by 3,  feeling/emotions, (Sometimes the feeling or emotion triggers before the thought--feelings and thoughts change back and forth between step 2 and 3 in this process. They interchange) then 4, we derive an intention and 5, we act. Each person in an interaction does this process over and over until the interaction ends.

Often the feeling or emotion persists to magnetize inside us. Can you feel the magnetism of an emotion and feeling inside you just thinking about an intense situation in your past?

  1. Feelings and emotions are rewarded with the same feeling or emotion. They grow. They are contagious and they expand as they are shared. 

The reward of patience is more patience. When we receive a benefit for our patience, it’s easier to invoke patience in ourselves the next time we need it. Often when we share our patience and patience perspective, with another person, they gain some patience. The patience grows.

The reward of anger is more anger. When we express anger towards another person, the anger often triggers in them and it grows in both people. Anger is rewarded with more anger often.

Any time were communicating we are feeling, or we are emotional. When we choose to share information about our emotions and feelings with another person, we are choosing to grow that emotion or feeling.

When we share positive things about ourselves or others, we mostly grow positive feelings. When we choose a negative gossiping process, we are choosing to spread and grow negative emotion.

When I share … and the other person agrees with me, and justifies my negative  or positive emotions, we each anchor them and they gain power. They gain more ability to grow. 

You and I have the power to choose which emotions or feelings we are going express and grow in a situation. Feelings and emotions can be controlled by thoughts and perspectives. Sometimes its very difficult--still doable though. A psychologist will offer different perspectives and thought patterns to help people move out of emotions they are stuck in.   

When I choose to break patterns of sharing negative info, and invoke a positive thought and feeling response, I am choose to grow positive emotions and that comes back to me ten fold eventually. Using this science of emotional and feeling growth, you can choose to grow more positive situations in your life and your success in every aspect of your life will grow.  

  4. Feelings and emotions have different qualities. How do I choose?

The difference between emotions and feelings are subtle: emotions are triggered responses (mostly negative) while feelings are mostly controlled thoughtful expressions and positive in nature.

Fear is an emotion triggered by a circumstance, as is anger, and vengeance. Confidence is a feeling we use to control a situation. Patience is a feeling we use in a thoughtful controlling manor. Persistence, perseverance are both thoughtful controlled processes. Caring, giving and sharing love are thoughtful controlled positive processes.

Love’s unique because it can be both, a triggered response and a controlled thoughtful process.  It still has its most positive effective when expressed in thoughtful, meaningful controlled environments though, like when choose to share it by giving a thoughtful gift or positive comment. Lust could be interpreted as emotionally triggered love. 

Our greatest gift and power is our power to choose. We have an inherent ability to choose response by choosing to control thought patterns which can control emotion. It takes discipline, patience and sometimes allot of internal work to look for that alternative positive perspective but the ability to do it is within all of us, and when we make that choice we grow positive successes in our lives of every type. 

Sometimes we need the help of others to reach for that alternative perspective. We need outside perspective to help us see more options. Do whatever it takes to get to positive and controlled thought and emotion. Seek help if you have to. Get a coach, am mentor or a councilor. Surround yourself with positive people. 

Most of the time we do have the ability to choose controlled emotion ourselves though. Reach inside and find the magnetic discipline, persistence, perseverance, confidence, etc. You’ve felt it before. It’s anchored with magnetism inside you. You just need to focus your thoughts to search for those positive feelings.  

Our thoughts and feelings have a direct affect on how our lives turn out. No-one I’ve met disagrees with the statement. Everyone I’ve met agrees positive thought and emotion is better than negative, and want to experience positive more often. Do you want to feel positive feelings or negative ones? You have an amazing power to choose inside you. It starts with thought and that can control emotion. Do it to be more successful in every aspect of your life. Wishing you a great day. Thanks for reading. 



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