Mentoring is natural and happening in your organization. Is it working well?  Do you want to guide it to secure the long term success of your business? If you're not guiding it, you are leaving the long term success of your business up to chance. 


Does a mentoring program really work? River, A mentoring software company surveyed their customers employees and found: 

90% said that the mentoring program helped them develop a positive relationship with another individual in the company.

89% said that they feel like their company values their development because they offer a mentoring program.

89% said mentoring allowed them to contribute to the success of their company.

82% said that participating in their company’s mentoring program gave them a feeling of control over their development needs.

83% said that their mentoring experience positively influenced their desire to stay at their organization.

83% said they speak positively about their organization to others because of their mentoring experience.

91% of mentees said they experienced competency improvement in one or more of the areas that they worked on in their mentoring relationship.

88% of mentors and mentees agree that their productivity or effectiveness increased due to their current mentoring experience.

83% of participants said mentoring helped them enhance skills they need to perform their job.

96% reported that they could apply the information gained from the group mentoring experience directly to their role in the organization.

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"I use this same Program to help my high performance clients."

- Mike Garska, Expert communicator and facilitator. 


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